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To support its clients, R&A operates as a strategic partner to: set product, aesthetic shapes and distinctive signs in their respective competitive scenarios to evaluate the effective strength and potential competitive advantage; suggest the operating methods that are strategically most consistent with the development of plans for new products and their communication; design and build areas of exclusivity by means of IP tools: patents, trade marks, designs, copyright and domain names; manage and economically exploit IP rights portfolios; protect the commercial activities of its partners from infringement and unfair competition; prevent any interference with third-party exclusive rights.


Inventions and Patents

Industrial Property (IP) enables the functional aspects of the technological innovation to be protected through Patents, which can be applied for both for inventions and for utility models.

Distinctive signs and trade marks

Distinctive signs are graphic, phonetic and conceptual elements used by companies to make the origin of products or services marketed to generate profit for the company recognizable.

Design and models

Any two-dimensional or three-dimensional shape that represents the structure of an image or of a product can be subject to exclusive rights on condition that it is novel and has individual character in a given product class.

Internet and domain names

Domain names can be assigned to numerical IP addresses and, therefore, facilitate identification of hosts on the Internet. The domain name is assigned according to Domain Name System (DNS) criteria.



We offer our client integrated consultancy on intellectual property matters to help them grow.
Consolidate and protect inventive ideas and trade marks around the world.
Reliability: it is important to be a point of reference for our partners.
Transparency: an indispensable ethical factor. We guarantee exclusive consulting.
Respect: because the work is a close relationship.
Expertise: is synonymous with Responsibility, or rather being able to give the right answer.



R&A was established in 2004 as the natural evolution of Studio Ing. D. Roncuzzi, active in the IP sector since 1999.

R&A has a highly reliable team of technical and legal professionals and collaborates closely with some of the most important international Consultancy Firms to manage the international phases of its partners’ patents, trade marks and designs.

In particular, R&A collaborates with highly qualified experts in the Far East and in the Americas, as well as Europe.

R&A is therefore able to respond to any requirement in the IP sector and to tailor its services according to the effective needs of clients.

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