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Covid-19 & IP: The health emergency effects in Italy and European Union

Considering the health emergency and the consequent restriction on work activities in Italy and in most European countries, the UIBM (Italian Patent and Trademark Office), EUIPO (European Intellectual Property Office) and EPO (European Patent Office) have ordered the following extensions:

By decree no. 18 of 17 March 2020, all deadlines, including the peremptory ones, relating to administrative proceedings (on request of the parties or ex officio) pending on 23 February 2020 or commenced after that date, were suspended until 15 April 2020.
Moreover, certificates, attestations, permits, concessions, authorizations and enabling acts, however named, expiring between 31 January and 15 April 2020 shall remain valid until 15 June 2020.

By decision of 16 March 2020, all deadlines expiring between 9 March 2020 and 30 April 2020 will be extended until 1 May 2020.
This means that time limits are extended until Monday 4 May, given that Friday 1 May is a public holiday.

By decision of 15 March 2020, all deadlines expiring after 15 March 2020 will be extended until 17 April 2020.
This applies also for international applications under the PCT.

We will keep you duly updated on any news, remaining at your disposal for any further assistance.

Covid-19: R&A guarantees regular performance

We are pleased to inform you that, despite the emergency that our country is experiencing due to the steep spread of Covid-19, R&A remains fully operational. That is to say we ensure to all customers continuity of our work on their IP cases.

In accordance with the provisions introduced by our government, we have implemented smartworking of our employees and collaborators, in order to prevent the risk of contagion in operational situations.

Furthermore, always to minimize the risk of contagion, we consider it useful to privilege the use of teleconferencing or videoconferencing systems in the event of meetings with our consultants.

We are confident that this operating method will not affect the normal course of our activities and that, conversely, it will contribute to strengthen the trustful relationship with all our customers.

Thanks for the collaboration.

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(Italiano) Bando MARCHI+3 – Agevolazioni alle imprese per favorire la registrazione di marchi dell’Unione Europea e internazionali – a partire dall’11 dicembre 2018

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(Italiano) 27 marzo 2017 – Ravenna

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(Italiano) Il patrimonio intangibile e la sua valorizzazione

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Intellectual Property Right Management 2015/16

Il seminario tenuto dall’ing. Davide Roncuzzi (Roncuzzi&Associati srl) illustra aspetti delle fasi preliminari alla creazione di brevetti, disegni e marchi commerciali e lo sfruttamento, tenendo conto della normativa di riferimento e le più famose convenzioni internazionali che disciplinano tali strumenti. Inoltre, illustra le fasi procedurali del ciclo di vita di questi titoli; offre spunti per costruire i titoli ragionevolmente esenti da diritti preesistenti e suggerisce solide basi per contrastare concorrenti e beni di valore nelle operazioni di fusione e acquisizione.
L’iniziativa è della Cattedra Jean Monnet “International Business for European Union” (IB4EU), co-finanziata dal programma Erasmus+ per il periodo 2014-2017, di cui è responsabile la professoressa Grazia Santangelo.