The company


R&A was created from an idea of Davide Roncuzzi, a mechanical engineer specialized in the industrial automation sector, after ten years of professional experience in the Industrial Property field, which commenced in one of the largest Italian Industrial Property (IP) consulting companies and continued as a freelance professional, with a four-year break as manager of the Industrial Property Department of an Italian multinational, world leader in the design and development of exercise machines and equipment for fitness and wellness.


The acquisition of a broader professional vision made him aware of the need to work in a more structured manner. This awareness led to the desire to found R&A, established in July 2004, and which first assisted and then replaced Studio Ing. D. Roncuzzi.

Foreign partnership

Since inception, R&A has worked on foreign cases with some of the most renowned and reliable IP consultancy firms, in particular in the EU, USA and China. Continuous interaction between professionals with varied training and expertise enables a combination of prestige and dynamicity in the solution of cases, always in line with the most recent advances in technology and with the most up-to-date legal theory and case-law interpretations.


As is known, Industrial Property (IP) is regulated by national laws harmonized with International Conventions manage by international bodies such as the World Industrial Property Organization (an agency of the United Nations Organization) or the European Union. In particular, applicable regulations in Italy are found in the Industrial Property Code (IPC) and in some articles of the Civil Code and of the Criminal Code. In particular, the IPC defines and regulates trade marks, inventions, designs and design models, utility models, topographies of semi-conductor products, confidential information and new plant varieties. The IPC also establishes the procedural provisions, the measures against piracy, the methods of acquiring and maintaining industrial property rights, the rules regulating professional practice in the Industrial Property sector. By its very nature, IP is therefore an extremely complex multidisciplinary sector that involves technical and legal, as well as economic aspects. In consequence, an adequate knowledge of IP fundamentals and an awareness of what the effectively offered opportunities are and the restrictions imposed by industrial rights, is becoming an increasingly fundamental requirement for working successfully on the national and international markets. For these reasons, R&A provides training on IP topics tailored to effective business needs and coaching paths for managers and entrepreneurs, aimed at sharing a strategic approach aware of the main topics and tools of IP. 


D&P Legal - Law Firm specialized in Intellectual Property Law

D & P Legal ( is a law firm based in Milan that grew up from an idea of Daniela De Pasquale and Massimiliano Pappalardo, very skilled lawyers in national and international legal, judicial and extrajudicial field of intellectual property, new media, information & communication technology and data protection. The firm, which includes a team of young and experienced lawyers, is solidly structured to provide integrated legal services to businesses in the above mentioned sectors in Italy and worldwide. R & A works closely with D & P Legal since its start, and considers this collaboration one of its main landmarks that complete and enrich its specialized services, particularly in cases where judicial and extra-judicial aspects become essentials